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Uniforms in the Public School Districts Essay

  • Submitted by: aburke
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Tara Quidetto, is a proud mother of two children in Derry Area School District who struggles like parents do when it comes to her children being bullied. You may not think bullying hits so close to home but if you look carefully it is in our own backyards. As a mother of a twelve year old and a ten year old she can prove that bullying happens even at the youngest ages. Tara is a young mother who sufferers from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Disorder), which has caused her to be unemployed for a few months, and with money increasing everywhere around us she cannot always afford to buy her children, the “coolest” and what everyone else is wearing cloths, school supplies and entertainment. Like many other average American families, she shops at the local Wal-Mart for clothes and other necessities for her family. Unfortunately, at school, her children, along with thousands of others each day in the United States are judge for where their clothes came from, who they can hang out with because of what they have and do not have and even humiliated in front of others. Have you ever been bullied, picked on, discouraged to do something, or simply based upon what you wear? Could you only be friends with certain people based on what you’re wearing? Couldn’t focus in class because you were being discriminated? Uniforms should be mandatory in public schools to prevent bullying, strengthen and increase coherence, and money usages.
In a public school, walking through the halls can be scary and terrifying for some students. Students are always picked on and assessed by the clothes they wear, because students judge them by the clothes they have on, not by their personalities or care they have towards others. In today’s society bullying is a large issue spreading faster with each day, eighty-five percent of students in grades six through twelve are bullied simply based on what clothes they have on or the video games they have, the technology they use, and even there household. Tara...

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