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Unions in the Workplace Essay

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“An injury to one is an injury to all”, is the slogan initially associated with the Knights of Labor, one of the largest and most powerful labor unions in American during the 1880s. This slogan has been the driving force behind most of what modern day unions stands for. Belief employees must be treated fairly with proper wages, benefits, and rights. Unions believe they are protecting the employees, while many nonunion members find unions hurt more than they help. Pros of modern unions in the workplace include; higher productivity, less turnover, and higher profitability. Cons of unions are job depletion, reduced investment, negotiations, and strikes. Sides have been taken on issues and are debated at large.
Unions are a key factor in the increase of productivity in corporate America. Dating back to the middle of the twentieth century into the 1970s, as productivity increased, so did wages. Since then it has been quite the opposite. Productivity soared, increasing by 75 percent, from 1980-2008. According to "Center For American Progress Action Fund" (2009), "Looking from 1980 to 2008, nationwide worker productivity grew by 75 percent, while workers’ inflation-adjusted average wages increased by only 22.6 percent, which means that workers were compensated for only 30.2 percent of their productivity gains.” (para. 9). If that trend from the seventies and before had continued, wages would be $28.53 per hour, 42.7% more than average wage in 2008. Instead of receiving rewards for their hard work and productivity, American workers are criticized, called lazy, and expected to have his or her pay reduced even more because workers in other countries, much less skilled and experienced, work for less.
According to "Benefits Of Joining A Union" (2012), “Unions increase productivity, according to most recent studies. The voice that union members have on the job—sharing in decision-making about promotions and work and production standards—increases productivity and improves...

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