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University Life Essay

  • Submitted by: ranasam
  • on November 24, 2012
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What does the word CSR stand for? It stands for the corporate social responsibility. What does it mean? It is a requirement that is beyond the obligations required by the economics and law, for a company to set up long term goals for the good benefits for the society.   Moreover, CSR is the constant commitment by business to perform in an ethical way along with an economic development contribution in order to manage the corporation to produce a positive power and impression on the overall society. Moreover, in simple words, corporate social responsibility means how to conduct business ethically and to produce good benefit to the whole community. It’s how to act as a moral and good citizen in the society. Also how to balance interests of the company’s shareholders, against interests of the citizens of the wide community.   What’s the difference of corporate social responsibility and business ethics? Apparently, there is a big connection between CSR and business ethics. In fact, both of these concepts consider values and objectives. However, the difference between CSR and business ethics is that ethics concerns on the action of the individual that is evaluated and considered to be as right or wrong in relation to the moral principles. On the other hand, CSR is concerned on the obligations of the organization’s stakeholders, not only the shareholders’ of the organization. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility has four basic dimensions which are, economic (earning profits to owners), legal (how to fulfill the law), ethical (to do what’s right and fair along with earning profit) and humanitarian (awareness of the human welfare).

In addition, the (CRS) corporate social responsibility in Dubai and the UAE has been present since the early times of Islam, with individuals and corporations practicing the values of Islam along with business practices such as donating. Also, the CRS awareness in the UAE has increased and as a result reached a high level....

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