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Urban Geography Essay

  • Submitted by: johnclaytor
  • on November 25, 2012
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John Claytor
Urban Geography
Paper 1, revisited
The city that was, and is…

              At present, over five decades after being first separated - West-Berlin, a socialist catastrophe, and East-Berlin the once superb centerpiece of the German Democratic Republic,   have now risen out of the ashes of a post WWII war zone to configure a thriving metropolitan that is still struggling for a since of identity. This urban alliance has not assured civic assimilation; in reality it is debatable to what extent modern Berliners examine their city as a symbol of resolution.   In the following paragraphs it will be explained in great detail the ramifications of a brutal all encompassing war, the permanent scars left of the citizens of this beautiful and vibrant metropolitan, and the struggle of a city to reunite as one peoples.
            The Cities problems were derived in their entirety from the international dynamics of influence. Division did not materialize from the citizens of Berlin with their trivial wrangling over daily life, but was obligatory from greater forces, which sought to impose a representation of what Germany should look like by super-imposing geo-political boundaries (Becker-Canterino-1996). Ideological differences not only resulted in unnatural spatial segregation but encouraged the expansion of unique subcultures; which impacted many areas of culture, including language, political views and social perceptions. Decades after reunification, there still are Berliners, from both east and west whose spatial orientations are restricted to their former borderlands within the old city walls. This is not due to cityscapes but due to skewed patterns of interpretation which are much influenced mainly by the great since of other that the segregation of the city forced upon its residents. Negative or prejudicial ideas of the “others” or those from the former East Berlin, still reside throughout the city’s streets today (Ladd, 1997)....

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