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Usability Function and Consumer Needs Essay

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Week 2:   Usability Function and Consumer Needs

Individual Assignment:

Web/1434:   Web Commercialization I


In this paper I am going to discuss the e-commerce website I am going to design called Kevin’s Handcrafted Pens. This site is something I have wanted to create for a long time. I have been making ink pens and pencils from exotic wood imported from other countries as well as the United States.   I also create them from some other materials such as acrylic. I want to create a website where I can display my pens and pencils as well as sell them. I also want to sell some of the tools and materials that are used to create the pens. I am very particular about my pens and pencils and because each one is created by hand, they are all a one of a kind product. This is one thing I feel sets my pens apart from all other mass produced pens or pencils. When you buy one of my pens or pencils, you have the only one in the world that is like it. There is not another one identical to that particular pen or pencil.
I feel that some of the other sites currently available on the web that sell similar products try and overdo their website.   By this, I mean that there are so many things to choose from that it is very hard to browse some sites without getting overwhelmed. I want my website to specialize in just a few of these areas to start out with. Another area where I feel these websites are weak is in the description of the products. When I first started making pens and pencils, I found it very difficult to find information on how to make them and what items were necessary for me to purchase in order to make them. I would like my site to be very informative and have some space that will allow customers to come and get information they are looking for; a customer support section in case they have questions. I also would have links on my site to various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that I could get feedback and answer questions....

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