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Vapheio Cups Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: mikey2591
  • on November 25, 2012
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Michaelangelo Moulton
ARH 330
Herbert R. Broderick
October 2, 2012

The Vapheio Cups: Distinctions from Two Eras of History

The argument presented in the article written by Ellen N. Davis presents the compelling controversy of 2 cups excavated at the site of Vapheio having very similar markings in comparison to each other. These cups in particular are characterized in accordance to the artwork styles having a specific affiliation designated to describe each tribe, with the quiet bull wrangling scene being assumed to be a Minoan style and the more violent capture being attributed to a Mycenaean style. The primary focus that the researchers highlight through the discussion is the distinction of the markings and the way the anatomy of the characters were drawn, as different tribes may have a relative history in correlation to another but the individual principles of illustration in their pottery and mural drawings allow for clear distinctions to be seen when compared side to side.

According to Georges Perrot, he makes the deduction on his point that the pots were crafted by different hands, as self evident by the contrasting depth and representation of markings between the two, with the quiet cup having smoother and refined lining in the articulation of environmental scenery, division of plains and more detail as referenced in the study of tree branches with individually crafted foliage. In addition, the human anatomy is thoroughly crafted and in precise proportions with the Minoan body form, in accordance with the boxing figure illustrated on the Rhyton excavated from Hagia Triada.   In comparison, the rough cup reflects the hard edges that are

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