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Vark Essay

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VARK Leaning and Styles and Theories
VARK is a learning preference on how you learn and take in information. In this paper we will learn how two of the different learning styles relate to myself. VARK stands for Visual, Aural. Read/Write and Kinesthetic.
The VARK learning style that most fits me best Read/Write. I prefer to be able to read it and write. This learning style is when you need textbooks and writing notes. I absorb a lot or written information. The other learning style that I am best at is Aural. When you are Aural that means that you learn best through lectures and group discussions.
The different learning theories that describe myself are Behaviorism and social.   Behaviorism attempts to explain why people behave the way they do. Behaviorism focuses on what can be observed.   All behavior can be traced back to an external stimuli.   Behaviorists believe that behavior can be modified through reinforcements and punishments. Reinforcements are stimuli designed to encourage a particular behavior to occur again punishments are stimuli designed to discourage a particular behavior.   I think everyone has the behaviorism theory in them. Any person can be trained to do any task regardless Social is also the one that best describes me best, I prefer to learn in groups and work better with partners. It is important that you understand your own learning preference.
The VARK learning style will have an effect on my educational pursuit. Read/Write style will let me be able to read and research on the computer. Aural style will be a little harder for me because I do like working in groups. It is not uncommon to have 2 or more learning styles.
I wrote about the different types of VARK learning styles and leaning theories.
Visual learning style is the learning style which focuses on watching to learn. The individuals who have a visual learning style can learn best through visual stimulation like writing and images. These learners are able to read something and...

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