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Victim Impact: a Second Is All It Takes Essay

  • Submitted by: hannahvalerie
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Victim Impact: a Second Is All It Takes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What inspired me the most from the Drink and Drive presentation was when Sarah Gino started sharing her story. My first impression of Sarah Gino was the obvious, “she is young, beautiful, and she is blind.”   But when she started talking about her story it really had me putting things into prospective. After Sarah was helped onto stage by her Dad, she started talking about an accident that involved her. She mentioned nine years ago, on a nice January day, she and her EX decided to ask his Dad to borrow his car in other for them to go to his cottage. Her ex’s Dad said “ OK” on that note, she decided to invite her sister and her sister’s boyfriend to the cottage as well. Sarah’s Ex was driving; she herself Sarah was a passenger in the front seat, Sarah’s sister sat in the back seat behind the driver, while her sister’s boyfriend sat in the seat directly behind Sarah. Everyone was wearing their seat-belt, except for her sister’s boyfriend. On their way to the cottage they were struck by an oncoming vehicle that had swerved into their lane hitting the passenger side where she was seating. Upon impacted, as a result of the person who was seating directly behind Sarah and not wearing a seat-belt, was thrown with such force that he crushed the back of her sit, he had also fell on top of her snapping her seat-belt into two, which threw her head first into the windshield. Fire Fighters got them out by cutting through their vehicle. by then it was a fight to save their lives, Sarah was in a coma, and her brain activity was very low. She talked about her near death experience, and mentioned the fatality as well. Sarah had suffered numerous injuries and is still undergoing multiple surgeries. Sarah’s story impacted me the most, due to the simple fact I almost suffered a similar faith. The other driver in my case wasn't driving under the influence, but instead was texting while driving and as a result trucked me in the back. This driver had a pasted DUI charge. Sense then, I...

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