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Victorian Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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The Victorian Era gained its name through the time of queen Victoria's rise to the throne in 1837 to the time of her death in 1901. The era can be widely said to be a time of innovation and dramatic change. Innovations such as the steamed powered engine, which then increased the production speed of factories, this then increased the size and economy of Europe. Because of this, wealth could be accumulated faster and easier, thus the middle-class was created. Even though this was a positive factor, industry was favored over agriculture, so the poor found themselves in an even deeper hole than they were before. Eventually farmers took themselves to the factories thus creating population shifts that made cities grow even bigger. Infrastructure eventually could no longer handle the population growth of new workers, so living in the slums became a normal situation to be in. Though times were tough, many thought this was progress, which then became a sign of hope.
Though it was a time of industry and innovation, the Victorian era was also a time of literature. This research paper will describe the innovations in technology but also in literature of the time. To do this, the research paper will be divided into three main sections. The first to provide information about the Early Victorian Period. The second to provide information about the Mid-Victorian Period. The third section, as you can tell, to describe the Late Victorian Period. A fourth section will also be included to talk about the education and literacy of the Victorian era.
The Early Victorian Period is capitalized by two main events: the construction of Britain’s first railway, and the British Parliament’s first passed reform bill in 1832, which gave lower class working men more voting rights. Even though these were positive factors, economic distress was still a major issue, thus “the 1830s and 1840s became known as the 'Time of Troubles' largely because...

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