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Video Essay

  • Submitted by: estukey
  • on November 1, 2010
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Eric Stukey
20 August 2010
Camera Operator
Camera operators operate the cameras for filming video for things like tv shows, commercials, and movies.   The median pay for a camera operator in the US is about 20 dollars an hour and 42,000 a year. The most common degree level for the job is a bachelor’s degree. Prior experience is needed to know how to correctly operate the cameras. Special skills required for the job are active listening, time management, operation and control, coordination, and speaking.

Sound Engineer
Sound engineers use equipment to record, synchronize, mix, or reproduce sounds.   The average salary of a sound engineer is 36,970 dollars a year. You are not required to have a degree in it but they are available and will help out.   You will need prior experience otherwise you won’t know what you’re doing.   Special skills for the job involve being patient and understanding, also you must have a good musical ear if you are recording musicians.

Broadcast Engineer
A broadcasting engineer deals with electric engineering, and even some computer engineering in order to make a tv station or radio show run smoothly.   The average pay varies widely depending on whether or not you went to college, The more you go to the more you get paid.   College is not required for this job but it will help. Prior experience is needed.   You need to be organized, and now how all the equipment works.

A gaffer is in charge of the electric department and responsible for the lighting of tv shows, movies or commercials. Average pay is around 23,000 a year.   No education is required but to further advance you may need to take postsecondary classes or seminars.   Most gaffers are free lancers so if you don’t have any prior experience you won’t get hired.   You have to be visually creative and able to concentrate on the lighting during a production.

Pyrotechnic Engineer
A pyrotechnic engineer does fireworks and controlled explosions. The average pay for a...

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