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Video Games Essay

  • Submitted by: ccornwell7
  • on November 23, 2012
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Casey Cornwell
Opinion Paper
No More Video Games
Many lives are consumed by video games daily.   People from all ages tend to forget about the responsibilities of the world, and focus on the world of video games. Children get so consumed in the game that their school work is not priority.   Video games have been linked to grades dropping throughout years of school. Students get so involved in video games that grades and achievements in school do not matter. School gives the opportunity for a great future, not some game that will end or go out of style.   While there are video games that exist with no violence, majority of the time children are drawn to play the games with violence and control. Children do not need to be exposed to violence. The world is already filled with violence, why give them control of violence in a game?   Video games increase aggressive behavior because violent acts are continuously repeated throughout the video game.   Video games teach children control as well as violence. When in a school setting, students could expose these unacceptable traits they learned to another student or a teacher.   The last thing society needs is for students of all ages to become violent in schools all because a game taught them it is okay.
Some may blame the parent for letting their child be exposed to theses games. The parents certainly have the responsibility of controlling what their child plays and watches. No parent should show an R rated movie to a five year old, or let him have the control of killing things on a screen. Parents lose control of their child and allow them to play the game because it keeps them behaving at home. While sometimes this controls the temporary behavior at home, all the parents are doing is feeding the addiction.   Letting a child play video games for hours eliminates time for the essentials in a child’s life.   Some may argue that the game is just for fun and their child will not become addicted if limits are placed. While that...

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