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Violence Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: royalflush
  • on November 10, 2010
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My speech
Good morning mrs torphy and fellow students,
There are many things I have learnt about in this topic and many of these have come from real experiences. After reading this novel study, every single problem that occurred in the book had some related experience in my life.
Now I don’t say that the violence in the novel, when they trashed the house was the type of incident that happened to me. The violence I had occurred was a brawl in a soccer game and it wasn’t one of one punch and it’s over, this brawl had involved the two teams and some of the spectators from both teams. It started, when I sensed that something was really going too happened and that one of my teammates had to start it all but none of my teammates or the other team wanted to have a fight in the first place, it had started from a spectator getting very frustrated with the referee’s decision towards the game. The spectator’s son was in my team and their family had a history of anger and frustration... My mate’s dad was walking past the back of the field when he was approached by the goal keeper and that keeper said “Want to shut your mouth, ********”. The keeper quickly got the ball and ran back onto the field.
It hit full time and they were shaking hands and my mate walked up to the keeper and asked him “why are you talking to my dad like that??” without any hesitation my mate punched him and it caused all players from my team and the other team to join in to fight... spectators had jumped in and started to go at each other... After all this had happened, I never really cared what happened because I was safe and no-one got really hurt...
This violence that I occurred was such a nightmare because after that match... we got kicked out of the competition. So basically violence at a high is something I have really faced and hope not to again... Then we move along to the alcohol bit and after reading the novel, I had realised that there is no point of drinking alcohol when you get older...

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