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Waqf Properties Essay

  • Submitted by: shazazirana
  • on November 24, 2012
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Nature waqf was a social safety net. In Islam, the manager should take care of waqf property. With this, the results of the stewardship endowment can be used on different segments of society without the limitations of developing Muslim civilization. In the history of Islam, the issue of education is an issue that is of considerable concern. This is evidenced by the efforts of Islamic governments to wake the largest library in Baghdad that is named Baitul wisdom. Education urgently needs funds is high. Stops derived from the Arabic word 'waqafa' which means to withhold or prevent. In addition, the endowment is also attachment of property to be seized and preserve the unity of things and regardless of intervention and outcome wakif channeled for good just to get closer to God Almighty. In the opinion of al-Shafi'i scholars sect Abu Tsaur narrated from Imam Shafi'i on the ability of charitable dinar and dirham (money). Stops endowment cash is committed individual, group of people, institutions or bodies of law in cash. Law endowment or cash is jawaz that can. Stops this money can only be channeled and used for things that are allowed. Endowment principal value of money should also be guaranteed sustainability and cannot be sold, or passed hibah.
Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad's companions began practice more productive endowment. Muhammad once said that there are three acts that will never reward even died. Three acts are pious, knowledge and charity benefit jariyah. In this case, the waqf is charity jariyah. It is his deep waqf benefits will flow steadily. Endowments are partly handed a treasure for the benefit of Muslims in force for ever. History recorded that free cash waqf has been running since the beginning of the second century hijrah. Endowments can be penjana cash economy to solve economic problems convoluted. Cash Waqf is also a source of funding generated by the public. This is to change social capital and help develop the social capital markets....

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