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Was the Revolution Revolutionary Essay

  • Submitted by: mccorwin
  • on November 17, 2013
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Matthew Corwin
HIST 152
The Revolution

Was the Revolution Revolutionary?

Yes, the Revolution was a very radical change for the colonies of the new world. The argument against is that the Revolution did not change very much at all because the blacks were still enslaved and women did not have the same rights that white men did. The reason for the blacks still being in chains was simple; it was easy money for the white landowners. They could care less about the human rights or being in a democratic country. They were only worried about making the biggest profit they could and to do that you need cheap labor (slaves) and minimal government restrictions (getting rid of the British government).
The reason for women not receiving the same rights as men is because it was not done by any other culture in history. The man was always considered to be leaders and better decision makers. The only culture that I know off that had a female leader was the Egyptian queens. With that being said I am not sure why they did not give women equal rights, maybe it would have shown a sign of weakness to other countries.
Other than those two reasons everything else pretty much changed. The way the war was fought was revolutionary.   The Americans adopted a new type of warfare call guerilla warfare. This was one of the main reasons that the United States was successful in the war. It was a radical change in government as well. Instead of having no say in the new laws, taxes, and bills put into government the people (excluding women and blacks) now can now vote for representatives that will vote on the laws, taxes, and bills and having more opinions involved is always a good thing it also gives everyone a little bit of power and eliminates a select few from deciding on what happens to millions of people.

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