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Water Pollution Essay

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Water Pollution a Worldwide Problem
Neal Dauber
Axia College of University of Phoenix
January 25, 2009

Water Pollution a Worldwide Problem
Water pollution is the introduction of chemical, physical, or biological materials into fresh or ocean waters. These introductions come from point sources known as direct introduction, and nonpoint sources known as indirect delivery through transport or environmental change. An example of point source pollution is the direct introduction of pollutants from a factory pipe or any structure that is not connected to a sewer system. An example of nonpoint source pollution is occurs when rain carries farm fertilizers, oil, and other chemicals from land to storm drains that lead to rivers and oceans. “Nonpoint sources are diffuse and therefore harder to control, and regulations on waste water disposal have helped reduce point source pollutions dramatically” (Orlins & Wehrly, Water Pollution Poses a Serious Threat, para. 15-16). This paper will focus mainly on point source water pollution and solutions to the problem.
Straight-pipe waste water discharge is one of the main causes of water pollution in many rural areas worldwide. A straight-pipe system is a sewage waste water disposal system that discharges raw sewage, partially settled sewage, or untreated waste water directly into oceans, rivers or streams from homes, businesses and factories. Septic tanks that are not maintained properly can also contribute to this problem. Septic tanks discharge treated water into lakes, rivers, and drainage canals. If improperly maintained these discharges can contaminate drinking water wells. In the United States many state and local governments have passed laws to force un-compliant entities, including households and businesses to come into compliance or face fines of up to $500 per month until the problem is corrected. However, in many third world countries and developed or developing countries like Japan, Korea and China the problem is...

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