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Week 3 Discussion Ethics Essay

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Week 3 Discussion

• Imagine your organization has no policy or code of ethics. If the company’s top executive asked you to create a code of ethics policy for the company, what would you include? What approach would you use? Why would you select that approach? Provide at least two examples of items you would include in your code of ethics and describe why they are important to your company’s code.

      I would include provisions for forced labor, discrimination, child labor and local legal requirements. The are some of the ones I feel are important to a ethics policy.

• Think of a moral or ethical dilemma you experienced recently at work. What steps did you take to resolve the issue? In retrospect, how might you have handled the situation differently? How might this process be different if you were acting on behalf of the organization? How might you have handled the situation differently if you were the CEO?

      I had a customer purchase a really expensive item from us, after one week the item broke. This item is no longer made so parts are not available so after looking over the options I sent her another one out. I didn’t have to it because it stated no warranty is included. If I was the CEO I would have handled it the same way.

• Imagine you are a division manager at a large pharmaceuticals company. You directly supervise 50 average and above average performing employees. Many employees on your team have been with the company for several years. Some recently hired employees, mostly women and minority groups, were hired to remedy the lack of diversity in the workplace. Recent financial difficulties within the company require each division manager to reduce their workforce by 15%. Describe the process you would use to make this decision. How do you ethically justify your decision?

      This would be a hard one, but you have to look at performance and seniority. The newest employees have to be the first to go.

• Do you think that...

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