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Weiners Essay

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Prop 30

What is Prop 30?.   It is a ballot that’s asking everyone to pay their share of salary to the education and public services.   There are two different parts to it, first those who earn over 250,000 will pay a hihger income tax.   Those earning over 250,000 will pay an additonal 1 %, 300,000 will pay an additional 2%, and over 500,000 will pay an additional 3%.   Second, it calls for a temporary 1/4 cent states sales tax increase. Prop 30 should be generating approximately 7 billion per   year.   The money raised from prop 30 will go to the pulbic education and public safety.   Most of the money rasied form prop 30 will be coming from the wealthy people from the state of california.
I personally want prop 30 to pass because, I want student tuition fees to become lower, because when I transfer I don’t want to be paying as much as it is right now.   Some people think that the money wont acutally go to the education services and that we cant trust the government, but through Prop 98 it is guaranteed to go through.   Also its going to give more access to education for the pooer people of the state of California.   I think this is good, because to many people of the low class don’t do well in school because of lack of supplies and care.   Another   reason is that its going to reverse some safety cuts that were encated in earlier budget cuts.   This is good because honestly we shouldn’t be cutting safety for the community.   All in all I want Prop 30 to pass because I know it will bring radical changes to our state.

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