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Welfare Essay

  • Submitted by: cdventers
  • on November 25, 2012
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Carla Wilcox
Writing 1550
February 24, 2012
                                      Assistance that is Deserved
In the essay A Nation of Welfare Families, Stephanie Coontz explains that families in our nation have depended on government assistance since the beginning of time.   She also argues that this is not something new, and would not become a hindrance to our nation.   As I read this essay, I realized that government aid is not something new, but it can corrupt society in relation to the independence our nation stands on.   This passage from the essay demonstrates how families today should be based on without government aid:   “A family takes care of its own, carves out a future for its children, and never handouts”(98).   This quote discusses that as a people of this nation we have a responsibility to become working and independent individuals who strive for the best.   Also, I feel we are setting an example for our children which teaches them that they do not have to look for a handout from the government, but work hard and earn a living as a contributing effort to our society.   In this essay, I will discuss my views on the essay written by Coontz.   I will do this by using quotes from the book and relating them back to personal examples in which I feel are important.
Welfare is a common part of our world today; both in the present and past.   It is a very useful resource for those who are struggling and need it the most.   Those who take this system for granted are the reasons why I disagree with the assistance all together. What I mean by this is that there are teen mothers out there who are capable of getting a full time job and work but instead they depend on the government.   They waste the money provided by tax payers like me, using up all the funds for an act they could have prevented.   It is a shame that someone that young can get much more assistance than an elderly person who has to struggle to find money for groceries and bills. If anything, the...

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