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Wendell Berry Essay

  • Submitted by: emilykeith
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
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Emily Keith
English 201
Professor Hanson
9 September 2013
Corporation versus Community?
Imagine growing your own food. Imagine your job being to cultivate that food with the help of your family. Imagine everything you need in your life being provided by the community that surrounds you. And imagine living a life of complete simplicity, health and happiness. This may seem absurd and farfetched considering the current state people live in with their iphones, media sites, stressful jobs, corporate run food supply, and constant desire to achieve the American dream. But with all of this technology are people healthy? Are they happy? Maybe you as an individual are an exception to the “21 million Americans” affected by depression each year or the “600,000 people that die of heart disease” but as a whole population, people are far from healthy or happy (Ranking America's Mental Health and Heart Disease Facts).   People have moved so far away from the natural state of living that was intended by Mother Nature and have instead turned to the corporate driven and funded society, which “has failed to sustain the health and stability of human society. Among its characteristic signs are destroyed communities, neighborhoods, families, small businesses, and small farms” (Berry, It All Turns on Affection). It may not be necessary to quit your job, up and move from the city and build a farm to reach a state of health and happiness but a change in society is desperately needed in the world today. In order to maintain long term health and happiness people must look to Mother Nature instead of corporations.
In today’s world the majority of food is manufactured by large corporations who have no interest in the people’s health, in order to achieve optimum health one must look to nature for their food source. Today’s grocery stores are filled with processed foods, created by corporations with only one motive; money. The people’s health and well-being is far down on their list of...

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