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Wet Land Hydrology Essay

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Wetland Hydrology

The term wetland hydrology generally refers to the inflow and outflow of water through a wetland and its interaction with other site factors (Wetland Hydrology). The major factor for wetland hydrology is precipitation because more rain gives a higher inflow and outflow. The hydrology of a wetland considerably influences its biotic community, biogeochemical cycles, and physical environment. Other factors that can influence both inflow and outflow measurements that can determine its hydrologic inputs and outputs are flow velocity, water depth, flow discharge, and stream channel width. The development of wetland conditions depends on a balance between water inflow to the wetland and outflow from the wetland. During dry climatic periods, the rate of water inflow to the wetland (precipitation, groundwater inflow, and surface or near-surface inflow) may greatly diminish (Wetland Hydrology). In this experiment, we were testing out the inflow and outflow of a golf ball in the pond, but due to no precipitation that caused the pond to be still it resulted in an error. Therefore, a further experiment that we conducted was measuring the temperatures in four different areas and using the water depth as one of our factors to distinguish the differences amongst each area in the pond.

In this experiment, we believed that if we place our golf ball in the inflow of the pond than it would move through the pipe towards the outflow as we recorded its velocity flow through the stream. However, due to no precipitation our experiment changed. Therefore, our instructor instructed us to study four different areas in the pond and measure the temperature for each one. The areas that we covered were the middle of the pond, close to shore in the pond, a sunny area, and a shady area. Moving on to our second experiment, our hypothesis was that the further out into the pond that we go, the lower the temperature will be...

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