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What Are The Effects Of Sleep Loss Or Changes In S Essay

  • Submitted by: muki
  • on November 12, 2010
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Below is an essay on "What Are The Effects Of Sleep Loss Or Changes In S" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Sleep is a requirement for normal human functioning, although surprisingly we do not know exactly why.(1) Temporary sleep loss or change in sleep patterns will not cause permanent consequences, but when it becomes more frequent the sleep deprivation or changes in sleep patterns can have serious effects on your health in the form of physical and mental impairments. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and moderate our emotions. In fact, sleep is so important to our overall health that total sleep deprivation has been proven to be fatal: lab rats denied the chance to rest die within two to three weeks.
Our body has Circadian Rhythms, which are biological processes that occur regularly on approximately a twenty-four-hour cycle. Sleeping and waking, for instance occur naturally to the beat of an internal pacemaker that that works on a cycle of about twenty-four hours. (2) Within this cycle, there is portion responsible for sleep, which has five distinct stages during the night; Stage 1 through stage 4 and REM sleep. Each cycle lasts approximately ninety minutes and happens several times throughout the sleeping period. Certain stages of sleep activate different parts of the brain, which plays critical roles to maintain the balance in our body and mental well being. For instance: During the deep stages of NREM sleep, the body repairs and regenerates tissues, builds bone and muscle, and appear to strengthen the immune system. (3) On the other hand improves our memory and learning ability. Several studies have been done on the importance of REM sleep. They have shown that the quality of the REM stage affects creativity, emption, memory, and decision-making. (4) Since the limbic and the paralimbic regions of the brain are particularly active.  
Most people encounter sleep difficulties from time to time, often related to stress or pain. (5) Sleep deprivation affects our mental performances, speech impairment,...

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