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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger-Re: Beowulfr Essay

  • Submitted by: bariwhitt
  • on November 25, 2012
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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

There are events that occur in Beowulf that are violent and terrifying. These events set a tone of darkness, sadness, fear, and desperation in the book. Last year, there was a time in my life where I felt many of these same feelings.
The tardy bell rang as I rushed into the girl’s locker room. Another day, I had to drag myself to school. I didn’t think I could face one more day of this. There was no volleyball practice today, so I sat down, alone, crossed my legs, put my head down, so I would not have to look at them, and began to stare at my Biology book. I stared at the Biology test review blankly, but I just could not focus. My four best friends, the girls who I told everything to, and trusted more than anyone, were not speaking to me anymore. We had been friends since elementary school, but since the end of the summer, they had not spoken to or acknowledged me and would never tell me why we were not friends anymore. Every day they purposely talked loudly so I could hear what they were saying about what they had done over the weekend and all about their upcoming Homecoming plans. I sat isolated, in the corner of the locker room, as they discussed their dates, the limo, and their dinner plans. They constantly went out of their way to make me miserable. Each morning, and afternoon, I dreaded going to volleyball practice, where I would see them. It got so bad that I started thinking dark thoughts throughout the entire day and my grades plummeted. I sank into a deep depression; I thought about them nonstop and wondered why they suddenly hated me. I was always sad, and was terrified of the feeling of isolation that now consumed me. My world was very dark and I was beginning to feel desperate.
The characters of Beowulf, who resided in Herot, surely felt terrified of Grendel and lived in a place of darkness, fear, and were anxious of what was to come. During the first few months of freshman year, I experienced one of...

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