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What Is Keeping Me from Being Successful ? Essay

  • Submitted by: teecee2012
  • on November 25, 2012
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What Do You feel Is Keeping You From Being Successful?

The first, and one of the main things that i believe is hindering me from being successful is that i lack the proper study skills. I honestly can say that I do not go over the material from my classes until it starts to build up, or when the test is just around the corner. It wasn't until when I started recieving my grades back that I noticed I was doing poorly and realized something has to change. I figured that since I took Chemistry and Biology in High School that the classes wouldn't be difficult. What put me to my breaking point is when I had both of my first Exams in the same week and only a day apart, i didn't know how to study for either, all i kept telling myself was that I couldn't do it. I really do not believe that i was prepared to handle such a heavy course load all at once especially since I changed none of my habits and continued to study every other day, and hang out with my friends, and spend all my time on my phone instead of doing what I needed to get done in order for me to succed in all of my classes.
My pride and my doubt in myself also play a big role in keeping me from being successful, it takes a lot for me to ask for help and study groups have never really worked out well for me, I end up not learning anything and getting distracted very easily. My Self-Doubt always seems to come in play the day before or during an exam, all it takes for me is to see one question I don't know the answer to or to study and be completely confused about something and I'll immediately start to tell myself that I can't do it or that i'm never going to get it and once i tell myself that I'll quit studying and if i'm taking a test i'll just start to rush through it. I'm also a visual learner so classes, such as, my labs its a lot easier to remember the steps we did or the results we got, or if my lecture instructors give us powerpoints with examples it seems to stick more.
If i fail I can't blame...

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