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What Is Life Essay

  • Submitted by: cheylroz
  • on November 7, 2010
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What is Life?

I believe that life is about living it…really living it, no matter of your circumstances; and making the most of not just the blessings and the time we are gifted with the souls who so wonderfully add life to our lives, but even finding constructive purpose in the hurts, and the setbacks, and the unkindness we all undoubtfully encounter in the short time we’re here.   It’s not easy but I am a firm believer that the real measure of a successful life cannot be derived from the ease with which that life is lived, but, instead of all we have survived and hopefully prospered in spite of.   I am now three years and six surgeries into this chapter of my life.   Breast cancer has impacted every aspect of who I am and how I move through this world as a woman, daughter, mother and friend.  
No matter what setbacks may occur and I experienced several I had to find a reason why it was good. For instance, when in discussion with my plastic surgeon about my reconstruction following the mastectomy I was told that I would need to undergo the “latismus dorsi flap” which would entail a seven hour procedure whereby a section of skin, muscle and fat is transplanted from the back to the chest area.   “What could possibly be good about this?”   I discovered that the extra role of skin directly above my waistline and below my shoulder blades would be removed.   Hey, that was definitely a good thing I was getting rid of a role of fat.
I had to develop the belief that we are never given a task that we can’t handle.   I had the disease, it did not have me.   I decided I had too many things to do in my life to entertain the idea of a “life threatening disease” taking over.   I started to focus on my strengths and abilities, not on my vulnerabilities.   I then began to set goals regarding the good things that would come out of overcoming one of life’s toughest battles.   I had to ask myself, “What positive result can I make out of this adversity?”   With that belief I began to find...

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