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What Is Love Essay

  • Submitted by: saywhah
  • on October 30, 2010
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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What is love?
According to dictionary.com it is a profoundly, passionate affection to someone. But its more than that right?
Do teenagers really understand and know love? Or do they only know idealised love?
The belief that the guy you like soooo much, could also like you to?

The belief that behind the flirtatious texts is a guy;
a guy that cares for you
a guy that knows when something is up
a guy that is there for you
a guy that understands you
a guy that takes you for who you are
And you think this guy is perfect, but is he?
a guy that stops talking to you when he finds a girlfriend
a guy that ignores you when he sees you in public
a guy that changes depending on who he is with
but,,,, you still fall for him anyway.
and you FALL HARD.
you fall hard because when you have your doubts about him he always seems to say something to change your mind.
And this goes on for many months, until one day
Everything stops. He is gone.
And it HURTS!!!

You try to understand what happened.
You try to pinpoint the problem.
You read what is left, looking for something. ANYTHING

Then you start thinking.
thinking of what you said
thinking of what you didn't say
thinking of what could of been
The you start comparing yourself
Am I not as pretty as the other girls
Am I not as confident as the other girls
Am I not skinny as the other girls
Then you have days
Days when you are sad
Day when your are depressed
Days when you are full of hatred
Days when you have no self worth
After that is all finished, you think you are over him.
But then
You see him in the street
You see him with another girl

And all those feelings come rushing back and you cant help it.
Even though you know he not worth it.
Even though you know you deserve better.
Even though you know he is just one of those guys
Even though you know you have to move on.
Why do women put ourselves in this position?
Do we enjoy the heart ache?

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