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What Is Marriage? Essay

  • Submitted by: tayters22
  • on October 29, 2010
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What Is Marriage?
Marriage is considered by many to be their most significant choice they will ever make in their lives. Wolfson defines marriage as, “A relationship between people who are, hopefully, in love and that it’s an undertaking that most couples hope will endure.” Evan Wolfson speaks out on the subject of gay people’s right to marry, he does this by first explaining what marriage really is and the many benefits it brings to couples around the world.
The word marriage can be translated into hundreds of thousands of different languages. This proves the fact that marriage is such a universal thing that the majority of people in this world will be married in their lifetime. His main argument through laying out all the positives that goes along with being married is this; America, to truly have equality needs to allow the same opportunities to everyone. This is not true for the homosexuals in our society, without the right to marry they do not receive the benefits they would if they were able to. Wolfson makes a strong point when he writes about how at one point in time the United States used to have laws that prohibited African-Americans from getting married altogether. He makes this statement to show that America has had marriage battles before and still changes need to be made in not only the courts but the hearts of the American people as well. Wolfson uses the story of Maureen Kilian and Cindy Meneghin of Butler, New Jersey to show how not being able to legally marry hurts their family to the point where they are not able to receive any sort of family health insurance. This is just one story of millions having the same problems with not being able to legally marry, Evan makes clear that these stories need to be the voice of the homosexuals and they need to be heard.

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