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Whately Apush Articles Essay

  • Submitted by: heidiheidiheidi
  • on November 25, 2012
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Of the four articles, the one entitled “A British Official Argues for Taxing Americans (1766)” had the most convincing argument. This piece is done by a British treasury official, Thomas Whately, who was in favor of the taxes British Parliament had placed on the colonists. Different from the other three articles, which were well-argued but left room for controversy, this writing has a valid point and respectable information to support it.
The theme of the article can be generalized by saying that the author felt as though Parliament’s taxes on the colonists were appropriate and fair. He argued that the colonists’ compliance with taxes, such as the Stamp Act, was necessary for many reasons. An underlying theme of the reasons which Whately presents can be represented by the British and colonial involvement in the French and Indian War. The war, he points out, was instituted for assurance of the colonists’ protection, although the colonists did little to assist the British in fighting. This incident is a parallel to the other specific aims that Whately offers. The colonists’ security was undoubtedly vital to the colonies, but to Britain equally as much. Therefore, the colonists and the British should share equally in the taxes that stem from the war. This statement gleams as an appropriate situation for Parliament to insist on colonial participation on a British tax. Whately uses a similar argument when considering the Navy, Army, and Ordinance and its importance to both Britain and the colonies. “If all share the Benefit, they should also share the Burthen; the whole ought not to be borne by a Part…” states Whately.
Other reasons Whately includes in his writing can be analyzed similar to the ones previously stated. The colonies may have arguably been of less importance in comparison to their mother country, but they were in as great of need of maintenance and security as Britain. This statement was well-argued and presented in Whately’s writing, which made it the...

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