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Whats Your Mavericks? Essay

  • Submitted by: kaevball1
  • on November 25, 2012
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Kaelyn Faria
What’s Your Mavericks?
Jay Moriarty’s dream was to ride the waves at Mavericks off the coast of Santa Cruz. My dream is to continue playing volleyball and hopefully get a college scholarship somewhere. I would also love to make either the JV or Varsity volleyball team at Kickapoo.
I started playing volleyball in fourth grade. In sixth grade I tried out for my first club team. I tried out at Springfield Juniors and Stars and made both top teams. I chose Springfield Juniors and played there for two years. This year I am playing for Club Bear 14-1 team. I know that in order to achieve that goal, I must work very hard, make sacrifices, and practice nonstop. I really want to get a college scholarship when I finish playing at Kickapoo.   This will be very difficult to do, but this is my main goal in my teen years. From here on out, it’s going to a lot of practice, just as it did for Jay Moriarty, but I am ready and want to devote my time to this.
Volleyball is my favorite thing to do; therefore I am willing to do a lot, in order to continue playing it. I’ve had a few “wipeouts” but I kept on trying. Jay accomplished his goal, so I hope to accomplish mine as well. I’m going to start practicing every time I have nothing going on. I’m going to go to the gym and play volleyball whenever I can. I’m going to work with a professional so they can help me become a better player. Lastly, I’m going to work hard in club volleyball season, school season, and high school volleyball season.
Jay Moriarty achieved his goal, so I hope to achieve mine. After all, anything is possible.

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