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Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Underneath It All
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? is written by Joyce Carol Oates. Connie is a pretty, vein, fifteen year old girl who loves to date different guys and acts older than her age to get what she wants from them. June is her twenty-four year old sister who is a plain, chunky girl that works as a secretary at her high school. Their father works all the time and doesn’t have much of a relationship with them. Their mother constantly gripes about the things Connie doesn’t do around the house and praises June for all the good things she has accomplished in her life. Connie goes out with friends to get away from being home but usually meets up with guys instead of hanging out with the friend she went out with. She acts differently at home than when she is out in public. She is quiet and conservative at home and outgoing, parading around in seductive clothing in public. This catches the unwanted attention of Arnold Friend who stalks and harasses her until she gives in and disappears with him. Parents need to pay more attention to their kids and protect them from harm. Connie’s parents didn’t do a good job worrying about what she is up to or who she is with and they will probably never see her again because of their lack of attention to detail. Connie doesn’t have a good relationship with anyone in her family; her mother constantly gripes about the things she does which makes her look for the attention she is missing elsewhere. The bad relationship with her mother, the way she acts in public and the attention she gets from boys are the main points of this story.
The author shows conflict as the element of fiction between two humans: Connie and her mother. They don’t have a good relationship between each other. There are moments when they get along but most of the time her mom picks on her. Connie would hear her mom’s familiar scolds, “Stop gawking at yourself, who are you? You think you’re so pretty” (436)? She is constantly listening to her...

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