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Whoo Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Myths and Folktales

Have you ever seen beauty and the beast or Cinderella? Well they’re both folk tales. Myths and Folktales are really underrated in our society today. They aren’t just pointless children stories, they effect all age groups in a lot of ways. It’s clear that people think Myths and Folktales are for kids, but that they don’t really effect anything or any ones thoughts on things. This shows Myths and Folktales serve three important functions in the important world. They entertain us, they teach us lessons as well as inform us.
One reason why myths are valuable today is because they entertain us. They give all of us anticipation and excitement. How did you feel when Cinderella went to the ball when the step mother clearly told her she couldn’t or when her slipper fell off when she was running away? You were scared for her or excited or mad but in an entertaining way. Either your 6,14 or 31 you will watch Cinderella and get excited. The point is age doesn’t matter, entertainment is entertainment. Not everyone will agree that Cinderella is the most entertaining folktale but that’s what’s so great about it, everyone has their own opinions. There are a lot more myths and folktales to love or hate. Almost everyone has a myth or folktale that entertains them a lot.
Another reason why they’re still valuable is because they teach us lessons. You can tell a small child a folktale or myth and it might stick with them for their whole life and effect whatever choices they make. So it is a huge thing. Let’s say beauty and the beast, the moral of the story was to not judge anyone because of what they look like, find out how they are like on the inside. You never know, maybe that one person can become your best friend.   When bell went and stayed with the beast she would have never thought that she would be marrying him, she did it for her fathers’ sake. As the story went on she found out that the beast was a nice and genuine guy and even though he pushes people...

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