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Why Teens Go To Jail Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Why Teens Go To Jail" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In her essay, Why Juvenile Detention makes Teens Worse, Maia Szalavitz claims that those adolescent who entered the Juvenile justice system even briefly are more likely to be arrested later on in their adult life than those who have never been in the Juvenile system. Jennifer Gonnerman agrees. In her essay entitled, “The lost Boys of Tyron” she confirms the problem and suggests a solution.
They both feel that that the Juvenile system is poor, but Szalavitz further believes that it has to do with the lack of positive direction in peer groups that cause kids to be worst. “By having them together, they form relationships.” When they are among so many different criminal associations with different behaviors this is more likely to increase the problem plus group experience tends to glamorize delinquency and drug use. The kids give each other more attention and comfort. They are in a competition of who can do the worst.   Maia also said that, “Being put on probation, which involves more contact with misbehaving peers.”The source of one’s self esteem is how you stack up with your peer’s. Peer pressure worsens behavior. Came as a means of punishment look at the crimes that each other came at the facility and try to be the best and think it is cool.   From her research she found that, When they are being released they are worst than as they came in, which can create a higher risk to them in society, and in so doing end up in prison as adults.
Jennifer Gonnerman, in her essay makes the case that, “Tyron has become a penal colony for kids,” The kids feel isolated because of the distance, location and conditions and treatment receive at the juvenile center. “The moment the wire fence went up,” They are being treated as prisoners, not only because of peer pressure as Maia said but Jennifer confirms it that the treatment receive in the center are likely a cause of them returning to prison as adults. It is nature that’s the time these children are rapidly developing and trying to...

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