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Willan James Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Introduction:   Psychology is occupied by many schools of thought, principles and theories.   This has been proven from the time Psychology began in the late 1500’s through present time.   Throughout history, many cultures have contemplated the functions of the mind and the effects it has on a human being and its surroundings.   The late 1800’s brought Psychology to America with the beginning of modern Psychology as we know it today pioneered by philosophers and psychologists alike.  

William James, was a psychologist who believed he closely followed the theorem of a philosopher. (Chapter 6)   A philosopher who believed careful observation of an individual or a patient was much more effective than using the survey method and did not choose to employ it.   He was also the first educator in America to offer a course in Psychology at Harvard University.
James was one of the two founders of the “Theory of Emotion,” using the ideology that the mind’s perception of many conditions resulted from some outside stimulus.   To prove his hypothesis, he observed many and documented his findings.  
Both William James and Alfred Adler imitate many of the same methods in their studies, at the same time practicing under different schools of thought.   Adler believed in emotional influence from metaphysical forces as well as cast typing personalities with each individual fitting into one or another. He also focused on superiority/inferiority issues and how they arose based on outside influences along with internal influence.   James however believed that emotions were solely influenced by experience.   As well as applying the method of introspection where one would start with sole searching so to speak and reporting his/her findings.   He was a believer in pulling theories apart and finding the truth in what he has found and proving the findings.

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