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William Blake Essay

  • Submitted by: steviebonejones
  • on October 27, 2010
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Steven Licon
Professor Ewing
English 1B
23 September 2010

God is not kind
The Romantic writers were known for their desire to emphasize imagination and emotion, while exploring the freedom of nature and symbolism. William Blake was one of the first influential Romantic British writers, famous for his brilliant engraving and printmaking talent. Although his literature became more popular after his death, Blake is considered a prominent figure in the history of poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. Songs of Innocence and of Experience presents beautiful visual arts, combined with powerful confrontational and emotional lyrics is a display of his brilliancy. In 1789 he published Songs of Innocence, then five years later completed and combined it’s complementary poems Songs of Innocence and of Experience.   One of Blake’s most celebrated poems from Songs of Experience, is “The Tyger”, which successfully questions social problems during the Age of Reasoning by considering the greatness of God and his fierceness and predatorily nature in connection to humans. The poems are effective because Blake asks just as many questions as he answers without providing his definitive answer, while challenging the reader to question life, religion, and society.
William Blake did not attend formal school but that did not mean that his education was not encouraged.   In fact, his parents did encourage him to learn, especially with his artistic talent.   He did and was so successful that at the age of 10 it was decided that he be an apprenticed to a master engraver. He attended Henry Pars’ drawing school and he later became apprenticed to engraver James Basire.   When he was 21, he left the apprenticeship and enrolled at the Royal Academy.
Blake earned his living as a journeyman engraver, hired by publishing companies to engrave illustrations for publications.   Blake met his wife, Catherine, in 1781 and they were married a year later. Blake taught his wife how to read and...

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