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Williamson Ether Synthesis of Nerolin Essay

  • Submitted by: nairasantos
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Name: Naira Raquel Xilau
TA: Elizabeth Hirst
Date: 11/12/2012

williamson ether synthesis of nerolin
In this experiment, it was performed the williamson ether synthesis of nerolin. Williamson ether reactions are reactions where an alkoxide reacts with a primary haloalkane or a suffonate ester. The reaction occurs through a SN2 mechanism. SN2 reactions “are characterized by the inversion of stereochemistry at the site of the leaving group”. Because the reaction is set in motion by the backside attack of the nucleophile, the nucleophile and the electrophile are in anti-configuration (chemwiki.org). Nerolin is part of a group of alkyl aryl ethers, compounds vastly used in the production of perfumes- most specifically as perfume additives and scent fixatives. These scents include rose, lavender and lemon (prelab-notes).

Calculation of percent yield
Iodoethane (MW=155.97.,   d=1.940 g/ml)    
Amount used: 0.30 ml    
m= 1.940g/ml x 0.30 ml
0.582g |

0.5 g 2-naphthol .1 mol of 2-naphthol144.17g= 0.00347 mol of naphthol
0.582 g iodoethane .1 mol of iodoethane155.97g= 0.00373 mol of iodoethane
KOH (MW=56.11.)
0.200 g KOH .1 mol of KOH56.11 g= 0.00356 mol of KOH
Given the 1:1 stoichiometry of the reaction, 2-naphthol is the limiting reagent
Theoretical yield = 0.5 g
Percent yield=actual yieldtheoretical yield .100% 
0.3189 g0.5g .100%  
63.8 % |

A 63.8% yield of nerolin was recovered in the reaction of 2-naphthol and ethyl iodide. Given the stoichiometry of the reaction being 1:1, 2-naphthol was found to be the limiting reagent. Since the percent yield was not very high, it is plausible to assume that some errors may occurred that contributed for the lower yield. Those errors may be caused by the incomplete dryness of the product, loss of product during extraction and wrong amount of reagents. If the experiment was to be repeated, more care would be necessary especially during extraction and measure of the reactants, in...

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