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Women Has Become Majority In The Labor Force Essay

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  • on November 9, 2010
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In the article “In Downturn’s Wake, Women Hold Half of U.S. Jobs” author Kelly Evans talks about the surprising reports showing that since the recession began women have started to join the work force. “Due in part to deep layoffs of men, women are poised to become the majority of workers for the first time.” Observing these changes people have responded positively but also have questions about what the shift means in the long term.   It has made people wonder if the shift in the role of women in the workspace would also have an effect on the role of women in marriages and other aspects of life.
Stephanie Coontz, a professor at Evergreen state College in Olympia, Washington, says “the silver lining here may be that men now get a little more experience under their belt in terms of actually being experts at home.” This means that because many men have lost their jobs women are the ones who have to go out and bring the money home.   The men are the ones with the home duties and because of this they are experimenting with being househusbands and the duties of the home. Also Coontz says “when the economy recovers, we may find a little boost towards men and women sharing these roles.” This means that when the economy recovers we will see who has more strength or courage in the sharing of these roles.
Due in part to the increase of working moms, across the country, many day-cares centers and after-school programs say that their enrollment is rising. This is caused by the increase in women going out to work to support the household.   When I was working at the Luther School in Bayside, NY the nursery and the after-school programs were full with children whose moms were working.   Overall considering high rates of unemployment having either a mother or father working is a good thing.
Kelly Evans does a good job of describing the changing role of women in the workplace and how this can potentially effect the gender roles in society.   In some cases men will stay home and...

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