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Women in Combat Essay

  • Submitted by: ramrob1212
  • on November 18, 2013
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Roberto Ramirez
Edward Ibarra
English 201
September 24, 2013
Women in Combat
The sun was going down on a hot summer day. My unit had set up a perimeter (safe zone that created a circle) to have dinner. I was mounting the vehicle’s weapon when my commander shouted out my name. As I approached him, he gave me orders to escort our female soldier outside the safe zone to the other side of the wall so she can use the restroom. Due to the fact that she was embarrassed to urinate beside the vehicle like all soldiers do. As many of my fellow soldiers would be, I was livid. Second situation I encountered while having a female soldier attached to our all male unit, happened when our unit had to patrol the city. Our gear weighed approximately 30-50 pounds including our ruck sack. Our female soldier was unable to carry her gear after we hit the 5 mile mark which in return, our commander took it off of her and gave it to another male soldier to carry it. After serving a year in Iraq with a female and encountering various situations, I have come to the conclusion that women should not be allowed to serve in a combat unit due to their lack of endurance, strength and mental ability.
Many countries have allowed women in combat units such as Great Britain. After evaluating the situation between a woman and man serving next to each other in combat, statistics show that 1 out of 100 trained female soldiers had the physical capacity to function in an infantry/ armor unit. Female soldiers were not able to perform the same physical outline training schedule as a male soldier. Females were prone to injuries more the male soldiers such as knee injuries caused by repetitive walking with heavy gear for a long period of time. Female soldiers average 45-50 percent less upper body strength compared to male soldiers. Female soldiers average 25-30 percent less aerobic capacity which is essential for endurance. When it comes to men and women, 20 year old female has the strength of an...

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