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Womens Sport Essay

  • Submitted by: 3lllli
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 251 words

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Name: Majid Alhinai
Class: Reading/writing  
Date: Nov/14/2012
Chapter 40 Summary
    One spring morning Mrs. Tennyson was walking out in the Green Lake the sky blue and the lake was pink. Mrs. Tennyson was going out with unusual clothes “ her bed clothes” because she suffer from the stomachache that day and people of the Green Lake ask her wondering what’s going on with her. She never goes out without dressing up. She went to Sam to buy dozen of onion for Mary Lou and she tried to give Sam charity Change, but Sam refuse to take them. Then they talked about what happed to Zero and Stanly in rest of the Chapter. Zero and Stanly were sleeping together for tow days. During zero was sick and sleeping all day because he felt weak. Stanly had the desire to find the shovel, so headed out to the mountain to seek for the shovel. He looked for it for long time, but he couldn’t find it. He thought about taking Zero up to the hill of the mountain, but couldn’t do that because of sickness that Zero suffer from. He decided to take final look and search for the shovel; then he found it with sack of jar together. He wondered how it could be together and they are rolled down from the mountain’ hill “ side by side” he said. He was reflecting about it in his was home and he took a lot rest when he was returning home.

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