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Woodworst School Essay

  • Submitted by: cletus96
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Woodworst School" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Woodworst School and Orphange for The Extraordinary

Chapter 1: How The Story Began

My name is Creed   Dexton. I was five when my parents died. They were killed by a man by the name of Lord Exvillien. This is how it happened. It was a chilly night in the year 1357 in winter and my family and I were walking in the forest when we heard a noise in the dense trees. The next thing I heard was a voice saying something in a weird language and then the trees were on fire. My mom then grabbed my arm and we ran from the thing that shot the fireball but we were at least   over a mile from the nearest town or city. Then the man was flying over us at extraordinary speed and shooting fireballs at us and then my dad stopped and turned around to face the man and shot out a fireball then continued to run.''Stand and fight you coward,'' the man said. The next thing I remember was we were surrounded by the king's soldiers. ''Firarso!'' my dad screamed as all the men caught on fire. Then we were on the run again until we came into a small clearing. My dad then turned around and confronted the man. ''Desiron,'' my dad murmered as the man floated down from the sky and touched softly on the ground. Hello, to bad you have to die.''Desiron said. Then they took their stances for battle and drew their swords. When they fought you could hear the swords hit each other from far away. They spun and deflected each other as they fought across the clearing. ''Mary, get the boy out of here,'' he said as he fought . ''I won't leave you'', she replied. So they continued to duel around the clearing. As they fought a giant wind was blowing toward their direction spinning all the leaves and wildlife that had been watching the fight. ''To bad my visit was cut short ..... '' Desiron said but was cut off at last word because a shadowy figure came into the clearing. As my father looked at him with courage he beckoned us to leave and get out. This time my mother listened and...

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