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Worker Essay

  • Submitted by: moonzero
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Jeffrey Peralta
Volunteer wok paper

Experience at church

My experience at the food pantry at Pestecontal church was unique. It is unbelievable the amount of people from every race and culture go their to get their free box of Fruits, Vegetables and Meats. To get their free box of food people had to bring ID of every one in their household, and the type and amount of food that was giving consisted on how many people it was for and the type of foods that they needed.
I had many jobs while I was volunteering to work for the Pestecontal Church. When I arrived there at 4pm on Monday November 4rth there were already about 20 people waiting to get their food. They immediately assigned me to fill up 30 boxes with fruits and vegetables, each box with at least one or two fruits and vegetable, depending on the size of the food. It took me nearly an hour to fill up 30 boxes of fruits and vegetables, the place opened up at 5pm, so, I had just enough time to get the boxes to the main door where they gave them to the needy. While the guy at the main door was giving out the boxes I went on over to the lady that checks the IDs to see what food people qualify for and asked her what else I could do to help. She told me that the garbage bag was full and that I needed to empty them out. So I took a big bag and emptied out all the small ones into it and threw them all in the big garbage outside. After a while of giving the boxes away ,the guy at the main door, who is also the pastor of the church told me to fill up more boxes with fruits and vegetables because he was running out of the ones I had giving him and more and more people were starting to show up. So I started filling them up and filling them up, at the end, all together I filled up about 55 boxes with fruits and vegetables. It was closing time at around 9pm and the pastor invited all of the people working there that night to go to the church kitchen because there was rice and beans with fried chicken that they...

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