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Working Students Essay

  • Submitted by: KeizaGrace
  • on November 24, 2012
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Our group was able to complete and analyze an interview and survey to ten college working students. Below is our summary of their answers in the survey we conducted.
To work at the same time to study is not an easy undertaking, because nobody wants to work right after one’s class. The feeling of studying in the morning and running off to work or vise versa must be really exhausting.
Among the 10 working students, majority said that it was their personal choice. It is for them to support themselves financially and the leading reason is that because they would want to finish their studies. They don’t want to be one of the street idlers just wasting time every day. Also some of the students said that they had been convinced by their parents having no choice but to apply for a job in order to meet the expenses with regards their schooling such as their miscellaneous fees and most importantly, their tuition fees.
Our second question with the interview goes like this, “What motivates you to continue working while studying?” In here, variety of answers are received. Some of them admitted it was their determination to finish their education that keeps them working. These students also mentioned about making his family proud and helping uplift their lives; also fulfilling their dreams in their own areas. They don’t want to experience poverty and also they don’t want their loved ones to suffer from it. For them, education would be of great help in order to achieve their goals and to have decent work after graduation is another of those goals.
Logically, it is one of our rights as a teenager to be able to attend school and to have the education we need. I was our parents’ responsibility in sending us to a school and providing our financial needs in order to continue studying. Yet, in our question that goes like “Did you ever blame your parents that you have to work while studying in order to support yourself?” all of the 10 working students we...

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