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Writer and Patriot-Khachatur Abovyan Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Heghine Grigoryan
Speech 73

Writer and Patriot—Khachatur Abovyan.

“Give your breath, your soul, but don’t
give your Fatherland to the enemy.”

Khanchatur Abovyan is one of the greatest Armenian writers, educator-democrat, teacher, ethnographer, the founder of the modern Armenian literature and new literary language. Abovyan was a XIX century writer. He was born on October 15, 1809 in Qanaker, which was a small village on the outskirt of Yerevan. Today it is a part of the city.
Classical Armenian language was the norm during Abovyan's time, but he chose to write in the vernacular to reach the common masses. He fervently strove to widen the horizon of the common man. He is best remembered for his novel, Wounds of Armenia that is a heart to heart dialogue between the author and his people. The political plight of his fellow countrymen was profoundly painful to him. The survival of his nation against overwhelming odds, during Russian-Persian War, inspired him to write a novel that extolled patriotism, loudly justified self-defense, castigated ignorance and illiteracy, and called upon his fellow countrymen to break away from their ignoble lassitude to restore Armenian statehood. On April 2, 1848 at the age of 40, he walked out the door of his home and never returned. Nobody knows what happened to him. During his short life he opened schools in Armenia. He valued education and discipline, loved his hometown and was proud of being Armenian.   He was a patriot who did the best with his talents and made a difference in his lifetime as well as for posterity.

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