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Xerox Case Study

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MGMT 317 - Organizational Behavior
Module 1
Xerox Case Study

Xerox Case Study
Diversity of employees and cultures in organizations possess the ability to bring about tremendous transformational changes coupled with a great deal of benefits.   Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox are aware of these benefits, so how would Xerox define diversity, and how have its definition revolutionize over the years?   For one to accomplish anything they first have to be motivated; so what are some of the reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversify their workforce?   And how have Xerox demonstrate its values workplace diversity?   The leaking pipeline phenomenon; has Xerox embody or defy it?   Why?   Taking into consideration the diverse cultural growth being experience in many organizations, it is well justified to want to know   how are women and minorities being represented at the highest levels at Xerox in comparison to other fortune 500 companies? And how can such findings improved upon.   The analyzing of Xerox’s attitude, their position and enforced measures taken on the matter of diversity will provide answers to all these questions.
How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years?
Diversity equal success at Xerox; as a consequence of this core value they have become the world’s most admired company in the computer industry. They believe diversity to be more than just about numbers, race and or gender. To them, diversity is all about inclusion; creating an environment in which all employees are capable of growing to their fullest potential. Xerox holds array of perspective as a priceless resource. From the 1960s to present, their agenda has been to comprise the company with employees that possess different ways of thinking and different ways of perceiving the world, from which innovative solutions would be created. (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien & Hunt, p.w-101-102)
What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated...

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