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Yeah Essay

  • Submitted by: swaggaroo06
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Is learned
Forms the basis for interpretation
Anchors identity
Involves diversity
Is a fact of life in the global village
Exerts a powerful influence
Is essential to understand

Hofstede Cultural Dimension
Power Distance
The acceptance that power is distributed unequally
“I” vs. “we”
Assertiveness and competitiveness vs. modesty and caring
Uncertainty Avoidance
How well the “unknown” is tolerated
Long-Term Orientation
The extent of patience and perseverance
|Policy Rule                     |
Lobbying and Related Subjects
An activity, directed at decision makers, carried out on behalf of special interests to influence public policy outcomes.”

The Ask:
Procurement ($13 billion per year on goods and services)
Freebies (grants & contributions)
Policy (most common and most complicated)
Joe Jordan 4 types of rules:

Types of Lobbyist:
Consultant lobbyists: consultants who are paid to lobby on behalf of clients
They may be
consultants in public relations or in marketing;
lawyers, notaries, engineers or accountants whose functions include lobbying.
In-house lobbyists (corporations) and in-house lobbyists (organizations): These are salaried employees of either corporations or non-profit organizations who lobby on behalf of their employer.

Types of Issues
involve public resolution of broad policy directions
resolution from the top
must incorporate public opinion
legislative involvement
Typically proactive
Example: changing policy for entire industry, R&D investment in certain things – if gambling the company… it is strategic
more technical
may be resolved without public stand
bottom up decisions
regulatory or bureaucratic decisions
Typically reactive
Example: How to interpret rule

How do they lobby?
Direct lobbying occurs through
Formal an informal meetings
Submission of briefs and policy papers
Appearances before parliamentary committees
Telephone calls...

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  • Submitted by: swaggaroo06
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 3,195 words
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