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Yellow Wall Paper

  • Submitted by: imacockmonkey
  • on November 2, 2010
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The short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Perkins Gilman is a look into the mental decline, and enlightenment of an anonymous lady. The narrator of this story is an odd character, both losing touch with reality and at the same time gaining greater self-understanding. This paradox is important to understanding the suffering of our narrator. All throughout the story she faces objects, or people, or situations that seam normal at first but that turn out extremely strange. This shows us that the main problem the narrator is faced with is how oppressive her situation is on her personality. From the very beginning it is made clear how creative she is. As a child she scared herself by imagining monsters in the night, and loves the thought of her house being haunted. Yet John; her husband, try’s to “cure” her and as part of that forbids her from using her imagination. She rebels against this and turns her imagination into more mundane objects like the house and the wallpaper. Her anger at the attempt to subdue her wild mind adds to the way she sees normal everyday things, making them seem dark and scary, and she gets fixated on the wallpaper.
The narrator falls farther and farther into her obsession with the wallpaper, she losses her grasp on reality. This is where the story begins, when she decides to keep a diary as “A relief to her mind”. At this point her true self, feelings and thoughts are hidden from toughs around her. She begins a decent into a fantasy world.   What is really happening is made clear through symbolisms. She wonders things that have happened that she herself caused. Like when she does not grasp right away that the yellow stain and the “smootch” are connected. Nor does she connect that the problem with the lady in the wallpaper is her own problem. Matter of fact she even scoffs at the ladies attempts to escape and is going to “tie her up”.
When our narrator comes the realization that in fact the woman in the wallpaper is herself she sees the...

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