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Yola Essay

  • Submitted by: kktheog
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Counterculture-a group or category of people who deliberately oppose and consciously reject some of the basic beliefs, values, and norms of the dominant culture.
Cultural imperialism -the influence or domination of the cultural values and products of one society over those of another.
Cultural integration-the consistency of various aspects of society, which promotes order and stability.
Cultural lag-the gap when nonmaterial culture changes more slowly than material culture.
Cultural relativism-the recognition that no culture is better than another and that a culture should be judged by its own standards.
Cultural universals-customs and practices that are common to all societies.
Culture-the learned and shared behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, values, and material objects that characterize a particular group or society.
Culture shock-a sense of confusion, uncertainty, disorientation, or anxiety that accompanies exposure to an unfamiliar way of life or environment.
Ethnocentrism-the belief that one’s culture and way of life are superior to those of other groups.
Folkways-norms that members of a society (or a group within a society) look upon as not being critical and that may be broken without severe punishment.
Ideal culture-the beliefs, values, and norms that people in a society say they hold or follow.
Language-a system of shared symbols that enables people to communicate with one another.
Laws-formal rules about behavior that are defined by a political authority that has the power to punish violators.
Mass media-forms of communication designed to reach large numbers of people.
Material culture-the tangible objects that members of a society make, use, and share.
Mores-norms that members of a society consider very important because they maintain moral and ethical behavior.
Multiculturalism-(cultural pluralism) the coexistence of several cultures in the same geographic area, without any one culture dominating another.
Nonmaterial culture-the shared set...

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