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You Andme Essay

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  • on November 23, 2012
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The communications climate throughout the entire deliberations was extremely hostile once the polarization was established. This was made worse with jurors who verbally trashed the defendants race, and others utter indifference to the whole process. This made for a very defensive climate as people attacked each other's position. No one was more attack the Juror#8 who started the group climate. He by making them deliberate forced out their inner thoughts on the matter. His intentions was for a supportive climate, but instead he was met with personalities the conflicted with his own and others. He found some support as he made his claim, but only a few independent wise minded fellows. This shows though that one man can make a difference. He had to endure attacks, but his perseverance paid off. He one by one gained all their votes for "not guilty". This ability to take a inherit defensive climate and turn it into a supportive effective decision making group is the true sign of a great leader.

12 Angry Men's dynamic group environment was due to many factors. The unique situation and the diversity of personalities of the men involved created a great model for group communications analysis. This was apparent in the many informal roles each member fell into. They each participated in the group climate to accomplish a goal. This goal was very lofty at first as it seemed polarizing, but as the climate was diffused by certain group task roles the decision making process of the group created great synergy. This could only of been created through effective leadership in this case by Juror #8.

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