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You Become What You Eat & Vice Versa Essay

  • Submitted by: Lakshya1
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "You Become What You Eat & Vice Versa" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Today we want to pay a little extra attention to the message in the pic above. What do you think? Is it not powerful? We literally become what we eat. We have to admit we are almost shocked how ignorant we were before our transition to a conscious way of eating and living. The scariest part is that we never really reflected how our bodies were doing inside. It never occured to us how the food (or other products) actually impact us. Somehow we thought we were quite healthy, and never really payed as close attention to the food, drinks, cosmetic etc. as it truly deserves.  Maybe because we so far were lucky enough to feel good and “healthy”. Sadly our focus was more on the outwardly effects and not the inwardly ones! The thing is.. it was never in our mind and we are almost “ashamed” to admit that we put all the focus on the way food made us look, if the food would make us gain weight or not. We are 100 % sure we are not the only ones who are/have been thinking in these terms?
Now when we made the complete transition to a new way of living so much has followed on the road that we never really thought would be a part of it. It is simply amazing and we want to share some of our thoughts with you. First of all, the biggest and most magical part, is the relationship we are creating with the food we are eating. Over the last four months we have constantly been trying to restart our bounds with food. Clean our vibrations. Say good bye to old believes and complicated relationships. We have to be honest and say it has taken, and still takes, a lot of conscious work. Some believes have been inprinted in our minds for years, if not a lifetime. It could be something that fruit makes you fat, eat for comfort or after a stressed day crave chocolate. When we know that everything is about vibrations – we are also aware of the fact that the most powerful and nutritious strawberry would do no good for us IF we think it is bad for us. With that said, you could eat the most amazing...

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