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Youths Committing Violence Essay

  • Submitted by: angelgut2
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Angel Gutierrez
English 101

Youths Committing Violence

It is perhaps a problem that is over seen by many. Possibly because it is not brought up to anyone’s attentions, until a serious matter, or simply because people feel it isn’t important. Through extensive readings, research and analyzing youths committing violence is an uprising problem.   Therefore if a youth is committing violence what are the results? The analyzing of the roots/beginnings, the aftermath of the violence, the different types, the psychological matter, and the ways it can be prevented are seen within youths committing violence.
At such a young age, one can argue that a child has very little reason as to why they would commit violence. What exactly are the roots of the violence, where is its beginnings? Arguably there can be many reasons as well though, such as, the race of the youth, disagreements, neighborhood, or easy access to weapons that can be harmful.
Scientifically speaking the world, as we know it has one and only one race, the human race. As a young child who is still learning they many not understand that. They many have been taught otherwise and learn to dislike a certain so call “race”.   A minor sees the world in a different way, they will argue that one person is black while the other is white and point out that they are completely different but in reality they are not. Racism is the term that is used when a person has a certain hate for a culture, the young mind of a youth dose not see that it is the culture that is different but the skin color that separates them. Racism can and will open floodgates in a young child’s mind to have and create violence.   As stated in page 10 of The Coldest winter ever, a characters name is “Midnight” and the description is because the midnight sky was the only thing blacker than him. “Too often passed over as a "white" issue, the fight against toxic and other pollution was first recognized by forward-looking Blacks some time ago as a...

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