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Zilack Corporation Strategic Alignment Worksheet Essay

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Critical Thinking Guide for Department Goals

|                                                                                       |Declared Functional Area                           |
|                                                                                       |Operations and Production                           |


Follow these steps to creating department goals and activities:

1. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward solving a problem. You are not expected to be an expert in management. This is an exercise to demonstrate the planning process and the need to create alignment between activities and goals.

    a. What additional goals do you believe human resources must add to the current list?

      Add three more: 1 Staffing individuals to meet the strategic goals.

2 Training and developing individuals to have the knowledge, skills, and talents needed to meet the strategic goals.

3 Delivering Cost-Effective Compliance Systems

    b. What additional goals do you believe your functional area must add to the current list?
      Add three more:   1 Allow some input and involvement from people. As long as people have a say in change, they tend to accept it better.
                                                2 Try to avoid threatening the security of people. When change affects the security of people, they will resist.

                                                    3 Allow positive alterations to support the business replica

2. Laser-like focus on the accuracy of the assumptions and conclusions. Do these goals appear to support the company goal of doubling sales next year? Explain with some detail.
Operations Manager must have the necessities to be successful in his or her company in addition the Operations Manager must be obtainable with minimal outages. Knowing this helps him or her with their important availability and help/recovery planning. Operations Manager must be implemented as...

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